Parcours Iso Open

Aigle Parcours Iso Open


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The Parcours is a walking boot design in a natural rubber. Fitted ankle to hold the foot firmly while walking. Inspired by hiking boot technology, the shock-absorbent and hard-wearing sole is fitted with front and rear braking lugs. Sanitized® treated Polyester lining : hard-wearing, rotproof, washable, quick-drying.


  • Natural rubber upper in Aigle patented Gomma Plus compound which gives long term resistance to natural ammonia and storage-related ageing.

  • 4.5mm thick neoprene lining - 50% thicker than other makes and therefore a warmer boot.

  • 6mm underfoot insulating felt which gives excellent insulation from cold ground, important when standing still for long periods.

  • Full length zip with waterproof gusset for easy access

Availabile in dark green

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